Federal Marijuana Bill Introduced

A new federal marijuana bill was introduced to congress today that will officially stop the U.S. Federal War on marijuana. If passed the bill called the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011″ will officially stop the federal prohibition of marijuana. This new bill will also allow individual states to determine how they would like to treat marijuana use “without interference”. A federal marijuana bill like this one has never been introduced. Barney Frank and Ron Paul are those mainly responsible for introducing the Bill to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition that will make history if passed.

Passing this new federal marijuana bill would mean individual states would be able to legalize marijuana completely, legalize marijuana medically,  tax and regulate it like alcohol, or even treat it as a common houseplant.

– Federal Marijuana Bill Introduced –

end prohibition and stop policing for profitEnd Prohibition

We can only hope that such a sensible federal marijuana bill, that could lead to billions of dollars saved and billions more in State revenues, would get passed. After all, did “The President” not promise us change?

If a large group of former police officers like “LEAP | Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” can see that the millions of arrests they have made over the years has been a complete waste of tax-payers money, then why can’t the officials we put in office see the same thing?

— Federal Marijuana Bill would allow states to decide marijuana laws —

If passed, this bill would free up billions of federal dollars that are currently being spent prosecuting marijuana cases in this country and housing non-violent marijuana users in prisons. This is money that could be spent keeping the Mexican drug smugglers from sneaking dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin into this country, as well as the cheap marijuana that usually ends up in our children’s schools at a price cheaper than their daily lunch.

… Federal Bill to end marijuana prohibition makes dollars and sense …

When you think about it, if residents could move to a state that marijuana use was legal, and grow their own, without fear of federal prosecution, they would have ZERO need for the poor quality (yet easy to get) marijuana that is currently being smuggled into the country in places like Naco, Az. and all the other border-towns along the U.S./Mexican border.

It’s about time we see a federal marijuana bill like this one, that will treat marijuana as it truly is, a STATE Rights and health issue and not a criminal issue for the federal government to get involved in.

Currently there are 16 medical marijuana states, plus D.C., that already have laws that allow the “medical” use of marijuana. There are also states and counties that have recently passed both decriminalization laws, as well as industrial hemp laws that will lead to millions of dollars in farming and industrial income. This mounts up to over 1/3 of our country already showing support for marijuana in one form or another, with more signing on each year – yet federally marijuana is still deemed illegal.

It’s time for a change all right and we need to start by supporting the federal marijuana bill that was introduced today – the ”Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011″.

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