12,000 Drug Offenders Released from Prison

12,000 Drug Offenders To Be Released From Prison EarlyDrug offenders to benefit from the “Fair Sentencing Act”, that recognizes that the laws separating cocaine and crack cocaine, are at the least – unjust.

Before the passing of the Fair Sentencing Act, if a drug offender was caught with “Crack Cocaine”, they were subject to punishment that was 100 times more severe than if they were caught with the same amount of powdered cocaine.

This just made no sense whatsoever and the only thing it accomplished, was to put more black drug offenders in jail, for longer periods of time than white drug offenders who committed the same “crime” of using or possessing cocaine.

According to many statistics, 80-90% of crack cocaine drug offenders are black.

Over 70% of “powdered-cocaine” drug offenders are white, or of Hispanic decent. (non-blacks)

What these statistics mean is, even though the drug offenders in question are using the same drug, the “black” drug offenders were being punished 100 times more severely, just for their choice of ingestion method. The mere fact that more “black drug offenders” use crack than powdered cocaine, means that this law made the African American drug offenders a direct target – intentionally, or not.

We may never know if the law, that made crack cocaine 100 times more severe than powdered cocaine, was directly targeted at the black community. What we do know is, the numbers tell that this law did indeed put more black drug offenders in jail for longer periods of time than white drug offenders, who used the same drug.

Well it looks like congress has recognized this as well, and have agreed to release nearly 12,000 prisoners, who are still in jail today because of this law.

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