Free Medical Marijuana at Lansing Dispensary causes Hot Bong water!

State Sen. Rick Jones commented on Wednesday’s news about a Lansing, Michigan medical-marijuana dispensary that was offering to give away free medical marijuana to people who registered to vote at their Lansing, Michigan dispensary location. This offer of free medical marijuana, is the same as bribery – according to Rick Jones.

Rick Jones said in a statement given on Wednesday:

“Giving away free (medical) marijuana to influence voting is outrageous and must be stopped.”

I’ve got to say, this could have, and should have been handled much differently by the Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

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The fact is, medical marijuana is a HOT topic in Michigan, and dispensaries are on the fence – legally speaking. No where in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act are dispensaries mentioned. This is leaving a wide open door for prosecutors to challenge this law and give it a tarnished image, by going after the dispensaries and giving medical marijuana a bad name.

With that said, I can not understand why these dispensaries are not being more careful with what they are doing. Giving free medical marijuana away for votes?? What are they thinking?

They could have easily held a “customer appreciation day” or other event, where they “Educated” the public on the political on-goings around them. They could have still allowed people to register to vote, and educated them on who supported what causes, without “giving free marijuana for votes” as it’s now being called.

Prosecutors all over Michigan are challenging the law in any way they can. One of the big issues has been, whether or not a patient or caregiver can legally transfer medical marijuana to another card-holder. (other than their specific patients)

With all the challenges that are in the courts right now, I really don’t think the dispensaries are being very smart here. The very legality of dispensaries has been in question in Michigan, every since the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was enacted.

Do you really think it is smart to use a forum that is already under scrutiny, to stir up your local politicians?

When setting up such an event, you have to think of the outcome! You have to consider how the OPPOSING side is going to feel, and how they are going to try and use it against you. Giving free medical marijuana away might seem like a public service to you, but obviously, free medical marijuana = bribery to others.

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