Medical Marijuana: a gateway drug for breaking cocaine addiction

Medical Marijuana – A Gateway Drug For Breaking Cocaine Addiction?

A while back I wrote about Medical Marijuana and Narcotic Pain Pill Reduction.

Well it seems that what I have been saying all along, is also backed up with another new study. This time the study however, was not on pain pills, but on cocaine consumption, and it shows how stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain of addicts, can reduce the desire to use cocaine.

 This information proves that marijuana is indeed a gateway drug, just not how we have been lead to believe.

 If medical marijuana can cause a reduced desire for cocaine in addicts, then there is no reason it could not be used to help wean those addicts off of such a dangerous drug, and act as a “gateway drug” to help them break their addiction.

 For years now we have heard that marijuana is a gateway drug, and now we can stop denying it. It’s time for us to embrace medical marijuana as the new “gateway drug”. The gateway drug, that will be used to increase the chances of quitting, for addicts who want to quit using such dangerous drugs as cocaine, but find themselves having a hard time with their desire to use more.

 Science is proving what many of us have thought for a long time now.

Are you open minded enough to see the truth when it is proven to you, or are you too old and set in your ways for your own good?

Wake up people!!

The truth is right in front of us, you just can’t see it until you open your eyes, and close your ears.

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