News: 1-15-2012

Rick Perry defends U.S. Marines who desicrated dead bodies and violated the Geneva Conventions:

“A military criminal investigation and an internal Marine Corps review are under way. The Geneva Conventions forbid the desecration of the dead.

Perry tells CNN’s “State of the Union” that he thinks the Marines involved should be reprimanded, but not pursued with criminal charges.

Perry said “18, 19-year-old kids make stupid mistakes all too often and that’s what’s occurred here.”

via Rick Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated On Corpses.

Muslim Man – Sentenced To Life In Prison For Terror Plot @ JFK Airport:

“NEW YORK — A Muslim man was sentenced Friday to life in prison for joining a failed plot to firebomb John F. Kennedy Airport in 2007 by blowing up jet fuel supplies with the help of a notorious al-Qaida explosives expert.A federal judge in Brooklyn gave Kareem Ibrahim the life term after a jury found him guilty last year of conspiracy.”

via Kareem Ibrahim Sentenced To Life In Prison For Terror Plot To Firebomb JFK Airport.

Woman Loses Arm After Injecting “Bath-Salt” Synthetic Drugs:

A 34 year old Louisiana woman, had to have her arm cut off in an emergency surgery, to save her live, after a needle puncture in her arm became infected. The woman had been at a party 2 days before going to the hospital, and injected a synthetic “drug” that is being sold as “bath-salts”.

The injection site became infected with a flesh-eating bacteria, that started to take over her arm rapidly.

“They quickly discovered dead muscle surrounding the injection site in her forearm, and an infection moving so fast doctors could see it killing healthy tissue in its path…”

“The final diagnosis was necrotizing fasciitis caused by streptococcus bacteria. Such flesh-eating infections can kill quickly, with victims requiring surgery within an average of 25 hours of admission in order to survive, according to one study.”

“The drugs, which are powerful synthetic stimulants, became popular in Western Europe in 2009 and showed up in the U.S. in Louisiana and Kentucky in August 2010. They’ve been smoked, snorted, taken orally and, now, injected. “

“In 2010, the American Association of Poison Control centers received about 300 calls about bath salts. Last year, the number climbed to more than 6,000, records show.”

via MSNBC: woman-loses-arm-to-flesh-eating-bacteria-from-bath-salts

Rhianna Smokes a blunt:

Not sure why this one is news, but I am glad to hear that such as sexy individual is on the good side. Rhianna, I’ll “blunt down” with you any-time.

“Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!” she wrote, quoting lyrics from Drakes “Up All Night.”

via Rihanna Smokes A Blunt In Hawaii; Singer Tweets About Marijuana PHOTOS.

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