Medical cannabis, more than just smoking pot.

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is no doubt healthier for you than most all of the prescription pills on the market today. Many people however do not like the idea of smoking anything to take away their pain, or to help them feel better. This brings the question, does medical marijuana have to be smoked, or are there other ways to use marijuana as medicine, without the stigma that comes along with “smoking pot”?

The truth is, there are many ways to use medical cannabis without having to smoke it, and some of these methods of using marijuana as medicine – don’t even get you “high”.

Many people still prefer smoking cannabis over other methods, for various reasons. The main reason many cannabis users like to smoke their medicine is, smoking is the fasted-acting method of use.

When you smoke marijuana, the cannabinoids are absorbed by the lungs very rapidly and entered into the bloodstream. The results are felt almost instantly.

Other methods of using medical marijuana include:

 Vaporizing medical marijuana involves using a vaporizer and heating your cannabis to a point just below combustion then inhaling the vapors, just like you would if you were smoking. The resulting vapors contain all the healthy-medical properties you want from cannabis, without the harmful by-products that may be contained in the smoked form of cannabis.

Much like smoking, vaporizing your cannabis is a very fast-acting method. This makes vaporizing medical cannabis, the 2nd most preferred method of use, for many patients.

 Cannabis Capsules are another great way to ingest medical marijuana without smoking it. There are many different methods, or recipes for making cannabis capsules. Unlike smoking and vaporizing, when you eat a capsule that has active cannabis in it, it takes an hour or more to take effect for most people. The resulting medicated feeling most people get from ingesting cannabis capsules is said to be stronger and also to “feel” different.  The effects are often said to last longer when taking cannabis capsules, compared to smoking cannabis.

When using cannabis capsules for the first time, it is recommended that you start small, and increase dosage-size as you become more familiar with the effects. Taking just 1 capsule may be all you need when using capsules made from a very potent strain. 3-4 capsules may be needed if using a poor quality of cannabis, or if the capsules are made too weak. Experimentation is key to making the best cannabis capsules for YOUR NEEDS.

 Cannabis Edibles (or medibles) are another great alternative to smoking cannabis. Medibles could be any form of food, or beverage, that has been infused with cannabis as an active ingredient. Cannabis brownies, cookies and cakes are some of the more traditional medibles, but I’ve been seeing an increase in medicated candies, lollipops, and other yummy treats lately. A knack for cooking and a little imagination can go a long way when making cannabis edibles. Again I encourage experimentation, and making some friends that have experience with cooking with cannabis.

Just like the capsules, medibles are said to have a full body effect, and take around an hour to begin working in many patients. Experiment with different recipes and dosages until you find the right one for you.

 Cannabis Infused Oils can be used in many different ways. By infusing hemp oil, or your favorite vegetable oil with cannabis, you open up many more possible uses. I personally recommend hemp-seed oil, as it is from the cannabis plant,  it tastes great, and is 100% all-natural and perfectly matched for our bodies to use.

A little food-grade hemp oil infused with medical cannabis, may be drizzled over a salad, or even used to cook with on very-low heat. Sauteed veggies, with a little infused oil drizzled on them near the end, make a great tasting and very  nutritious meal.

Another use for infused oils include, using them as massage oils. By infusing cannabis into hemp oil, and using it in therapeutic-massage, you open up many more avenues for it’s use. When used topically, infused oils work in a whole different way than when ingested. For instance: massaging infused oil into a particular muscle, is a great way to stop muscle aches and spasms, without smoking cannabis or “getting high”.

Medical Marijuana Topical Balms or creams are another “no high”, smokeless method of using cannabis as medicine.

A medicated cannabis balm that contains hemp oil, bees wax, and other essential plant oils used in aromatherapy, is another great way to take away your aches and pains, without getting high, and without smoking.

There are many topical uses for medical cannabis, including treating; eczema, inflammation, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, gout, rashes, dry skin and several more documented uses throughout the past 5,000 plus years of recorded history.

With a little due-diligence and experimentation with recipes, a medical marijuana patient can usually find a combination of methods that is perfectly suited for them.

As you can see, there are many uses for medical cannabis, and several methods that can be used safely with no worries about smoking or getting high.

With as many uses as there are for medical cannabis, there is no doubt that for most of us, it’s about way more than just “smoking pot”, and “getting high”.

~ Cannabis Chris

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