Medical marijuana, herbal balms and cannabis topicals

More and more people these days, are looking for natural ways to treat their aches and pains.

Of course the cannabis plant has many medical uses, but did you know, there are several ways to use medical cannabis to help many conditions, and many of these ways don’t even get the user high?

Have you ever thought about using cannabis topically?

Topical uses of cannabis would include any cannabis infused product that is applied “topically” to the skin. Products such as lotions, balms, massage oils, soaps and creams would all be considered topicals.

Over the years, science and history have shown that topical cannabis concoctions, have been used to treat conditions such as;

Rough or dry skin, arthritis, eczema, headaches and migraines, some insect bites, minor scrapes and burns, sore achy muscles, psoriasis, general pain, many rashes, rheumatism, inflammation, sunburns, stiff muscles, tendonitis, and probably many other uses that the big pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t want you to know about.

Many herbs have been used to make topicals over the years, and cannabis is no exception. The main difference in cannabis and other herbs however, may be that cannabis has a greater amount of diversity than other herbs, when it comes to treating conditions (possibly due to the fact that humans have special internal receptors called cannabinoid receptors,  that are designed to receive messages from cannabis, allowing our bodies to regulate their own healing abilities).

The beginning of most cannabis topical recipes, would be to start with a cannabis infused carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil.

When cannabis is properly infused into a suitable carrier oil, the cannabinoids bind to the fatty substances in the oil. This not only draws the cannabinoids out of the plant material, but it also gives it a new way to enter our bodies without smoking it.

Because the cannabinoids are infused into a carrier oil, and because the carrier oil absorbs into our skin and “carries” the infused ingredients with it, as the name suggests, the cannabis can now enter into our body and do good things for us.

An infused oil like this can be applied directly to the skin, and used as a massage oil, or used in another herbal concoction, to make a lotion, cream, soap, or balm.

To make a balm for instance, you would use a cannabis infused oil, mixed with beeswax, or soy wax, to bind the products together and transform them into a semi-solid state.

When trying to learn new ways to use medical cannabis, I like to read books about healing with herbs and plants. Many of these books have recipes that can easily be adapted to include cannabis, and cannabis-infused products.

I recommend that anyone who wants to learn more about healing with cannabis, read up on healing with herbs and plants of all kinds and use this information wherever it can be applied.

Many perfectly legal and socially accepted herbs can be used together with cannabis, in order to form a synergistic effect, where the compounds of each herb work together.

With a little research, you can be on your way to making your own herbal potions, balms and lotions in no time.

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