Mota, Mota: part 4 – first time getting high

Mota, Mota: part 4…

Mota, Mota: Smoking marijuana for the first time.

I could still hear Tim and his dad laughing a little bit as they were watching me try to catch my breath.

Finally, I was able to get it together and managed to start breathing normal again. There was more laughing and joking, and more of that dented up soda-can-pipe being passed around.

“Here kid, take it easy this time.” said Tim’s dad. “This is some good mota.”

I took another few puffs of this “mota” and inhaled deeply. This time, I managed to hold it in with not much of a problem, since I took a little smaller hit this time and knew what to expect. “This didn’t seem so bad” I thought, of course I coughed a little bit again when I exhaled, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

The next few minutes were more of the same. More laughing, joking, and smoking this “mota” my friend had just introduced me to. After a half hour or so (that felt like all day), Tim’s dad put the “soda-can pipe” under the couch, on a tray of some sort that had some other tools on it.

“Timmy, make me a bologna sammich and a soda-water…”, I heard Tim Sr. say.

We went into the little kitchen and stared to dig some food out of the refrigerator. I remember Tim making sandwiches for us all, and then pulling out a container of baking soda, and a glass of water for his dad. Apparently, Tim’s dad really liked to eat bologna sandwiches when he smoked mota, but they also gave him heartburn and he was using baking soda and water as a remedy.

“Now you boys go find something to do.” – said Tim Sr.

Tim’s apartment was about 2 blocks away from Malibu Castle. It was an arcade that also had putt-putt golf, batting cages, go-carts and all that other neat stuff that kids love to do. Even though we were both pretty broke, we figured it couldn’t hurt to take a walk up there and see what was going on.

Now years later, I hear that there is this thing about smoking pot, where many people don’t get “high” or have any effect from it whatsoever, the first time they smoke it. Many people claim that the first time they smoke marijuana, it had no effect on them at all. Science even seems to back this up to a degree if you look into it. I can’t tell you about all those other people, but what I can tell you is, I could feel it my first time, and it felt good!

I remember walking up the alley towards Malibu Castle. The few block walk, seemed like it was taking forever, but that didn’t bother me at all. It seemed like things were slowed-down a little bit, more my pace I guess. Anyways, the walk there was fun and even the air felt different somehow. Every sound, every movement – I can’t explain it, but I guess you would say I must have been “high”, cause everything seemed better than it did before, and I was having a blast.

We walked past the batting cages and go-carts and headed right into the arcade. Now remember, this was 1988. We had some pretty shitty video games back then compared to what we have now, but the arcade was where the cool shit was if you asked me.

Once we got inside, I remember finding the racing game that was my favorite at the time. After we got some tokens for our change, we started playing the racing game and it was about the most fun I had ever had playing that game. I played the same game several times before, but this time – I was able to keep my head in the game and not get distracted. I guess you would say I was “in the zone”.

For a couple hours, it was more of the same. We took turns playing the same game over and over, and when we ran out of money, we would go around to all the other games looking for the occasional token that could be found in the “return coin” slot and head back to play a little more.

After a couple hours of playing the same game, we eventually decided to head back to the apartment and see what was going on.

to be continued…


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