Smoking marijuana – the first joint I ever smoked…

Smoking marijuana – the first joint

Smoking marijuana was all new to me. If you read my4 part article called “Mota, Mota! My first experience smoking cannabis…“, you will see that – up until now – I had only smoked cigarettes and this new (to me), thing called Mota.  Also, I was only 12 years old, and living in California at the time (we had just moved there from Michigan). There was definitely a lot more that was new to me than just this thing called “mota”, but that’s a whole different story.

rolled marijuana jointAbout a week had passed since the first time I smoked “mota”. It was now the following weekend, and I was over at Tim’s place for the weekend. We were doing our usual – smoking Marlboro Reds, talking about the girls we just met in the alley and enjoying the “mota” buzz we had just gotten – when  another guy, at least 6 years older than us, pulled up in a car. I think his name was Charley. Tim knew who Charley was, and it looked like he was there to talk to Tim’s dad.

Charley parked his convertible in the alley, got out of the drivers side and started talking to Tim Jr.. They joked around for a few minutes, then Charley told Tim to open up his glove box, and grab the bag that was in there. I watched Tim open the glove-box and pull out a huge zippy bag – full of what looked like Mota – then he shoved it in his shirt and we headed upstairs to the apartment on the second floor.

I can vaguely remember hearing Tim Sr. say something along the lines of, “that better be some good Mota you have for me”, when he saw Charley walk through the door with us.

Tim (Sr.) pulled his “mota smoking can” out from under the couch.

“Put that thing away” – said Charley – “here, light this”.

Charley handed Tim Sr. a rolled up cigarette looking thing, that he took a puff off of, before lighting it… “That tastes like good mota to me…” Tim Sr. lit it up and took a puff. “ahhh, tastes good too”.

At this moment, I realized that the rolled up “mota” cigarette, was the same thing as the “joint” that my cousin showed me a few years earlier – when I found it in a cigarette pack – while helping clean out his car.

That also means the “mota” I was smoking for the past week, must also be the same as the “weed” that my cousin had in his “joint”.

“Joint, weed, mota… oh hell, this is the stuff that new DARE program at school was talking about” – I thought to myself. “I’ve been smoking marijuana and didn’t even know it!”

But wait, I couldn’t have been smoking marijuana. They said it would make me violent – I always feel happy when I smoke it. They taught us it would make us sick, I never got sick. The cop that came to visit the school said, “if you smoke marijuana, you will lose control of your actions and do things you couldn’t imagine…” hell, none of the things “they said” seemed to be true so far, so was I really smoking marijuana, or was this “mota” something else?

Tim Sr. took a few puffs off this joint, then passed it to Charley, who passed it to Tim Jr., who took a few puffs before passing it to me.

This was the first time I knowingly smoked marijuana, but I could tell already – at just 12 years old – that it wouldn’t be my last.

~ Cannabis Chris

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