Caught smoking marijuana when I was 12 years old.

 Caught smoking marijuana when I was 12

Smoking marijuana behind the tool-shed (part one of this story) for the first-time, was also the first time I got caught smoking weed.

Well – sort of… (read on)

Fake marijuana?

“That isn’t really marijuana”. my brother said.

“Hmmm, this gives me an idea” – I thought.

I reached for my wallet, pulled out the other marijuana joint I had tucked inside it, and showed it to my brother. “See, I have another one too…” I told him.

“Where’d you get marijuana?” He asked, sounding like he didn’t believe I could get REAL marijuana. “Let me see that” he said, as he stuck his hand out.

I handed him the other marijuana joint, and again he made a comment about it “not being real marijuana – quit playing around”. Again, I told him it was “really marijuana”, and at this point – I placed the one joint I had, back into my mouth and re-lit it. I figured, “if I am caught, I’m caught”, but I had every intention of making sure I got a buzz-on before I got ratted out and had to do his share of garage cleaning too.

Wanna try some real marijuana?

“See, try it..” I told him. “It tastes like real marijuana to me.” I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

My brother took the marijuana joint I had just handed him and smelled it, he looked at it closely, called it “fake marijuana” again and then he put it in his mouth. “There’s no way this is really marijuana anyway, what is it?” – he asked me again.

My newly developed plan was starting to work. All I had to do now was – “get him to light that joint, and there is no way he can possibly tell on me for smoking marijuana…”  – I thought.

“Yeah, must be that fake marijuana.” I said, and followed with – “you tell me.” to see if I could encourage him to light it, and prove I was lying.

rolled marijuana jointAs I took another puff and inhaled it in – I reached to light the joint in his mouth with the lighter I still had in my hand.” Only one way to find out if it’s really marijuana or not” – I joked.

I reached over and held the lit lighter near the joint. My brother leaned in and put the end of the joint to the flame and took a puff. Instantly he coughed, and blew out a big puff of marijuana smoke. Once he calmed down a bit, I took another puff off my joint, and told him to hit his again too. We each took a couple puffs off the joints we had, and I tucked the one I was holding back into my wallet after snuffing it out.

My brother didn’t want to give his joint back, so I told him to stash it somewhere that it won’t be found, and that he “better not tell anyone, since he had been smoking marijuana with me”. I said – “they’ll just think I got it from you anyway,  if you do tell”.

My brother walked off around the side of the garage, and before I could see where he went – he disappeared along the side of the house. I opened up the door to the tool-shed and decided to tinker around with my dirt-bike a little bit since I was feeling pretty mellow and wanted something to do – while I waited for my parents to get home.

Parents get home

Maybe 20 or 30 minutes had gone by, when I heard my parents pull up and get out of the car. I wasn’t sure where my brother was, but I was pretty certain he was coming up with a plan to get out of cleaning out the garage.

I heard my dad yell something about doughnuts as he walked in the back door and it caught my attention. Since I was pretty buzzed up from smoking marijuana at the time, I was starting to get the munchies really bad and a doughnut or three sounded awesome – so I made my way into the house.

After making fast work of the doughnuts, it was time to clean the garage.

Since we had just moved into this new house in Los Angles, we still had a bunch of boxes and things to arrange. Anyway, we were about 20 minutes into cleaning the garage, when I saw my brother start walking up the side of the house. He looked like he was up to something, as he kept looking back over his shoulder at me. I was convinced that he was either; A) trying to sneak away from the work we had to do, or; B) he was about to tell on me for smoking pot. Either way I wasn’t feeling too good about whatever was coming up, but I kept on arranging boxes and straightening up.

I was still pretty high from the marijuana we had smoked, so I know my brother had to be high too. Whatever he was thinking – I don’t know, but I watched as he went over to the little door on the side of the chimney and opened it up.

Snitched on for smoking marijuana

“I’m going to clean this out too…” I heard my brother say.

Now I got real suspicious. My brother had never volunteered to do any kind of work in his life! Offering to clean something that no one told him to clean, was just about the biggest red-flag I had ever seen!

“DAMN-IT! – I don’t feel good about this!” was all I could think. As the uneasiness started to set-in, I headed over to the corner of the garage, out-of-sight of my parents, but to where I could still see them. I just kept quietly cleaning, as I heard my brother call out –

“Dad – Look what I found in here…”

My heart started beating like crazy, and I could tell already – I was getting ratted out.

I saw my dad walk over and stick his hand out. Sure enough – I saw my brother hand him something that looked just like the joint I had given him a little while before! My brother started shaking his head to the side, and I heard him say – “no, that’s not mine.” and “no, I don’t even know what that is, I swear.”. Then I heard him say the words I was pretty sire were coming next – “It must be Chris’, cause it’s not mine – I just found it.”

Damn him! The fucker told on me for smoking marijuana!

“How the hell am I going to get out of this one?” – I remember thinking.

“CHRIS, Get over here!” – was all I heard next….

“OH SHIT, I’m screwed!” Was all I could think.

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