Caught smoking marijuana: told on for being a weed smoking kid

Caught smoking Marijuana when I was 12 years old (continued from…)

Getting caught smoking marijuana the first time

My dad was holding my marijuana joint in his hand, and yelling my name. Being 12 years old at the time – I guess this is about as serious as it can get!

Now I don’t remember what was said between us exactly (not blaming the marijuana), but I do remember some yelling, me denying that it was mine, and I think somehow the marijuana ended up being blamed on the fact that we had recently moved into this house. “Must have been there already” seemed like a logical story to me.  The good thing is, I already stashed the other joint somewhere, so I wasn’t going to be caught red-handed, and still had a few outs.

“it’s not my marijuana”

“Nope, I don’t know either, not mine… must have been there…” – is all I can vaguely remember myself saying.

marijuana leaf imageWhile I can’t quite remember the exact conversation, I can remember being pissed that I was just ratted out (by someone that was just smoking WITH ME at that – and by my “brother” to top it off) and I was scared to death at the time. I also can remember that from this day forward, I decided to be way more careful. There will be no more getting caught with marijuana, or even almost getting caught. From here on out I was on my toes when it came to smoking pot, and to be honest – I don’t think I was ever caught with marijuana again. Well – at least not until I admitted it a few years down the road and stopped denying it, but that’s a whole different story.

What I also remember from this day, is that it seemed like I got more of a lecture than anything else. I really don’t remember getting in any trouble, so whatever story I came up with about that marijuana-joint “already being there”, must have worked.

We continued cleaning out the garage as my buzz from the marijuana wore on. All the time in my head I’m sure I was still thinking if I said the wrong thing they would “know” I was high and I’d be busted for real. I kept feeling like they were watching me now, just waiting for me to say the wrong thing, or move the wrong way. Hell, at this point – I was scared that they could tell I was THINKING about being high. Maybe this stuff does make you paranoid, or maybe I just knew I was real close to being in trouble. Either way, I kept quite, kept my head down and kept on cleaning.

no more marijuana for you

After this day, I didn’t really tell my “brother” shit about what I was doing. He was a rat, and as far as I was concerned, he had told on me – and tried to get me in trouble – for the last time. Of course it wasn’t the last time he tried to get me in trouble, but it was the last time I gave him the ammo to do it. From here forward – things just weren’t going to be the same. Actually, for quite awhile after this day – I tried to avoid being around my brother as much as I could. There were other reasons, but once he tried to get me busted for smoking pot – I was pretty pissed and knew if I wanted to stay out of trouble – I needed change a few things.

I was about to start going to a new school soon – after only going to the one I was at for only a few months (and I wouldn’t be going to school with Tim anymore). Not only that, but Tim lived more than a couple miles away from us now. I knew this would put an end to us walking to his apartment after school to smoke “mota” with his dad, but what I didn’t know was – this new school wouldn’t end up being much fun at all.

Up until this point, I was pretty used to walking to Tim’s apartment after school, having a marijuana smoke session, and then getting picked up by my parents later on. Boy was I about to miss those days – even considering how brief they were.

It was time for me to start going to a new school (yet once again), and I still had 3/4 of a joint hidden in my room.

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