Getting Higher – Marijuana, mangoes and myrcene

Today I am going to look at a favorite fruit of mine, and apparent ally of the marijuana plant – the Mango.

Mangoes are a delicious fruit with a great smell and flavor. They also are very good for you like most fruits, but what most people don’t realize is, the mango can help increase the effects of smoking marijuana.

THATS RIGHT, the Mango can get you HIGHer!

Let’s look a  bit at how it works…

Mangoes and Marijuana both contain compounds called terpenes, which among other things, help make up their wonderful smell. These terpenes can also work with the THC, the most psycoactive compound of marijuana, to help increase it’s overall effect or “high”. One of the most important of all these terpenes, is one called “myrcene” which has a very pleasant odor commonly used as an additive in the perfume industry.

Myrcene not only helps make up the wonderful smell of both your marijuana and mangoes, bot apparently it also helps THC cross the blood/brain barrier more efficiently, making it more effective.  Think of the mangoes (or myrcenes more specifically) as sort of a “primer” that help jump start the THC in the marijuana.

Picking your mango can be important, as it appears that slightly over ripe mangoes contain the highest amounts of myrcene, with ripe mangoes coming next.

When eaten about an hour before ingesting marijuana smoke or vapors, the mangoes have time to start digesting, and the myrcenes begin working their way into your blood stream.

Now, the most obvious use here is, eat a mango (or 2) wait an hour and smoke marijuana = get really high!

But what about other uses for this information?

It only makes sense to me that if you make some edibles and include mangoes into your marijuana recipe, it should work the same way to increase the effect. How about a Mango and Marijuana Pie? Fresh Mango, Marijuana and fruit salad? You can see where the possibilities could lead right?

Now I have yet to experiment personally with mango and marijuana recipes, but rest assured those tests are right around the corner, and I will report my results.

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