Solventless Rosin Wax: What is cannabis rosin wax anyway

Cannabis Rosin Wax

Over the last couple of years, a new technique for processing cannabis has been gaining popularity. This new technique, which involves using heat and high amounts of pressure to strip the cannabinoids off of the cannabis plant, is called pressing rosin, or making rosin (pronounced RAH-ZIN or /ˈräzən/).

The cannabis rosin produced, is usually a consistency of wax or shatter, that is then vaporized or “dabbed” (read: What is dabbing – concentrated cannabis dabs…)

Producing Rosin from cannabis is really a very simple process that just requires some special rosin making supplies. If you are just looking to make a few dabs, maybe for you and a friend, then there are small scale options that cost almost nothing to try. Going large-scale however will require a larger start-up cost, as to do it right, you really need an industrial heat-press that has been adapted for the purpose of making rosin. Usually these heat presses are some form of t-shirt or label application press.

The process of making rosin is actually not new at all. Also called “Greek Pitch”, rosin is the resin of certain plants, that is collected by heating and separating it from the other volatile liquids and components. In the cannabis world, we can make high thc-filled rosin with a similar process.

Benefits of cannabis rosin

  • Rosin is highly concentrated cannabis:

While cannabis rosin has many great benefits over smoking marijuana flowers, the first notable benefit is that rosin is highly concentrated when compared to the flower version of cannabis. Cannabis rosin that is pressed from buds that are of high quality can reach cannabinoid levels in the 70+% range! This of course means you need less rosin to get the same desired effect – which is both good for the lungs, as well as your wallet.

  • Cannabis rosin contains no residual solvents

Another benefit of rosin is that it is made with a completely solvent-less process. When compared to some of the other products out there, this is a major benefit. Some waxes, shatters, and other cannabis “oil” substances, use some very nasty solvents during the process of making them. Butane, naphtha and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) are all such solvents used in making cannabis extracts. While it is possible to remove these solvents with a proper “purge”, my stance is that if you don’t use solvents in the first place, you don’t have to worry about leaving residuals behind after an unsuccessful purge.

  • Making cannabis rosin is a less dangerous process

Since many of the above processes involve using solvents that are either flammable, or explosive in nature, there are obvious risks involved when processing cannabis concentrates without the proper knowledge and due diligence in the safety department.

When comparing rosin to some of the other concentrates out there, it seems to me that rosin is the more natural way to go – with less danger involved in making it. With no worries about residual solvents, or possible explosions caused by solvents, making rosin is certainly a safer process to learn and use.

  • Cannabis Rosin has many uses

Once the rosin has been process, it has many immediate uses. It can be vaporized for immediate pain relief and the relief of many other symptoms. Rosin can be “dabbed”, vaporized, added to a joint, or added to a bowl and smoked over-top of some flower for immediate use and relief as well.

You can us cannabis rosin in many other ways as well. Since it is fully ready to use, and highly concentrated, rosin can be used to make edibles (cannabis infused food products), cannabis capsules, topicals (lotions, creams, salves) and many other products that have cannabis in them.

If you are looking for information on making rosin, then check back shortly. I have been watching over some experiments lately, and am compiling some great info and pictures for you. In the near future, I will be providing a detailed instructional on making rosin with a pneumatic heat press.

Check back soon, and until then – happy dabbing!

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