Chem OG Marijuana Strain Review

Lately, I have been smoking on Chem-OG, or OGxChem as it is also called. OGxChem is a hybrid strain that is supposed to fall into the 70% Sativa and 30% Indica range according to the sources I have read.

The Smell of ChemxOG:

The first thing you’ll notice upon opening your jar, is the overwhelming aroma that hits you right in the face. It smells almost as though someone walked by and sprayed perfume that smells like fuel and flowers. It has a very strong smell that you should really keep in an air-tight container.

The Chem-OG buds:

The next thing I noticed were the nice, tight buds that I received. They were not huge, but they were definitely compact and dense. Breaking them up needed a couple turns in the grinder before providing a nicely ground product that had plenty of kief.

The test toke:

After rolling about a 1.25 gram joint – the standard issues around here – I lit it up and began to take a toke. The relaxed feeling hits almost immediately, and by the second hit you can start to feel it in your head.

If you stay in for a third and fourth hit, which you may not need to, then be ready for some serious cottonmouth to kick in. For some reason this strain really causes dry-mouth (why cannabis gives you cottonmouth) and you should keep a drink close by to combat it.

The feeling that came from smoking on OGxChem was pretty good. It’s an uplifting strain that left me feeling mostly energetic, and happy. While I definitely felt the creative side kick in, and had better focus than before consuming, after a few more hits I really found myself relaxed, anxiety-free and wanting to get lost in the woods.

Overall I have to say that this strain is a very nice treat for anyone who suffers from anxiety, pain and or depression.

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Happy medicating!

~ Cannabis Chris

“Chem OG is a mood-boosting hybrid strain. These flowers have a unique scent profile. They smell buttery and herbal with floral undertones on top of a pine, citrus fuel combination. The smoke is smooth and buttery with an aftertaste of lemon. This strain will leave users super relaxed in a functional and uplifting cerebral fog that encourages focus and creativity.”

Source: Chem OG Strain | Whaxy

“Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica THC: 20% OG Chem, or “Chem OG,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a powerful cross of the classic infamous Chemdawg X OG Kush strains. With celebrity parents like this, OG Chem has a lot to live up to – and it does not disappoint at all. It boasts a super happy and uplifted high that leaves you upbeat and energetic for hours on end without causing anxiety.”

Source: OG Chem | Marijuana Strain Reviews | AllBud

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