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Caught smoking marijuana: told on for being a weed smoking kid

Caught smoking Marijuana when I was 12 years old (continued from…) Getting caught smoking marijuana the first time My dad was holding my marijuana joint in his hand, and yelling my name. Being 12 years old at the time – I guess this is about as serious as it can get! Now I don’t remember what […]

Cannabis Chris Articles

Marijuana Joints to go – someone gave me 2 marijuana cigarettes

Marijuana Joints to go I was 12 years old and had just got done smoking my first marijuana joint and went into the other room to relax, and have a cigarette. Tim and myself headed into his room and started talking about the weed we just smoked, the big ass bag of “mota” that “Charley”  had, […]

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Cannabis Chris Articles

Smoking marijuana – the first joint I ever smoked…

Smoking marijuana – the first joint Smoking marijuana was all new to me. If you read my4 part article called “Mota, Mota! My first experience smoking cannabis…“, you will see that – up until now – I had only smoked cigarettes and this new (to me), thing called Mota.  Also, I was only 12 years […]

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