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Medical cannabis, more than just smoking pot.

Medical Cannabis Medical cannabis is no doubt healthier for you than most all of the prescription pills on the market today. Many people however do not like the idea of smoking anything to take away their pain, or to help them feel better. This brings the question, does medical marijuana have to be smoked, or […]

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Medical Marijuana for Autism: treating children with medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Autism: Medical Marijuana and Autism – (CannabisChris article originally posted on:http://www.medicalmarijuanafaqs.com) There is no doubt that when talking about marijuana and kids, there is bound to be controversy. But what about when that child is autistic, and the marijuana is medicinal? More people are turning to medical marijuana to help their ailments than ever […]

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Getting, growing and using medical marijuana

Recent medical marijuana articles by CannabisChris, giving tips on acquiring your medical marijuana card, and growing medical marijuana once you have your card. First I’ll take you through the routine of getting your medical marijuana card, then we can talk about growing marijuana for medical use. Interested in medical marijuana, but don’t know how to […]

Cannabis Chris Articles

Free Medical Marijuana at Lansing Dispensary causes Hot Bong water!

State Sen. Rick Jones commented on Wednesday’s news about a Lansing, Michigan medical-marijuana dispensary that was offering to give away free medical marijuana to people who registered to vote at their Lansing, Michigan dispensary location. This offer of free medical marijuana, is the same as bribery – according to Rick Jones. Rick Jones said in […]

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